Started Work on Suspension

Jenn and I started work on the suspension this morning. First up is to mount the F panels. These are the Fat Tire F Panels from They let you run wider front tires (up to 275 or so) without rubbing when the wheel is turned to the stop. These are basically slid up until the lower bend is at the corner of the lower steel tube and the slid forward until the forward upper end is at the apex of the bend, then clamped in place.

That positions the panel a little bit above the upper support, so we marked and trimmed it to fit.

After laying out the holes on the F panel using a rivet fan, Jenn match drilled it to the chassis.

Since we’re going to be completely disassembling the chassis for finishing, we’re going to hold all aluminum panels on with screws until then.

Afterward, we bolted the upper and lower control arms in place and then attached the spindles.

Jenn had a dinner planned with her friends, so I used that opportunity to run down to the TechShop and modify the rear knuckles. After roughly cutting off the extra ears on the band saw, I mounted them to the bed of one of the milling machines and used an end mill to clean up the cut.

Finally, I used their large disc sander to radius the corner and the scotchbrite wheel to smooth everything out.

I then mounted the hubs to the knuckles. These are ready to mount on the car.

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