Installed Shop Fan

I ordered this fan well over a month ago and it finally arrived. This is an Air King 99539, industrial grade, quiet oscillating fan. We have these at the gym at work and they move a serious amount of air at high speed but are almost silent at low speed.

I was originally going to mount this high up on the wall behind the lift, but after storing the car up there, I realized it would block most of the airflow. There are really no other good spots on the wall though, so I started considering other options. After briefly considering mounting it to the ceiling, we decided to mount it to the side of one of the beams. It oscillates through 90º, so it will do a great job of moving air through the two bays of the garage that we’re going to use as a shop.

The fan is designed to sit on top of this mounting bracket, but I flipped it upside down and modified it to work in this orientation. I made the curved cutout at the bottom to allow the fan to still tilt down even though it’s upside down and cut off the top to allow it to slide almost all the way to the ceiling. This raises it up enough so that it’s several inches above my head, but it still won’t hit the ceiling.

My only concern with mounting it upside down is the transmission that drives the oscillating feature. I don’t know how it’s lubricated (or even whether it is lubricated). There is a possibility that there is oil in the transmission and it won’t get sufficient lubrication while inverted. Time will tell.

I hooked it to a remote (on the right), so now I can control both the air filter and the fan remotely. These are mostly for Jenn though since I can easily reach both.

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