Finished Existing Chassis Rivnuts

I went around the car and wrapped up all of the chassis rivnuts that were too close to other structure for me to use my Astro Pneumatic Rivet Nut tool. All of the rivets on the outer seat floor (like the one on the lower left here) were too close to the side structure.

The ones at the outer edge of the trunk were up against an adjacent piece of tubing.

There were also a couple on the upper trunk floor that were¬†too near the outer edge and couldn’t be reached with the other tool. The tool I used to set all of these is a wedge-type hand tool. It’s much more time consuming, but I was able to set about 40 in about an hour and a half. Just like the Astro tool, it’s also possible to break if you apply too much torque, but it just uses screws so they’re inexpensive to replace.

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