Figured Out Seat Track Mechanism

Most builders just bolt the seats to the floor, but that won’t work for us. Jenn and I are nearly one foot different in height (5′ 4 3/4″ vs 6′ 4″), so we have to have an adjustable seat. Factory Five sells a seat track that works for the Roadster, but it only locks on one side. This won’t pass the technical inspection at some tracks, so I decided to see if I could find a seat track that has dual locks that could be made to work with the Roadster seats.

This is a set of Summit Racing seat brackets (part #G1153). It appears to be the same exact manufacturer and part as the one FFR sells, but it has dual locks. The instructions specify that the upper bracket in this picture is installed pointing the other way (rotated 180ยบ from what is shown in this picture). This puts the handle on the outside of the seat track. Adjusting the seat would require swinging the handle even further outside the seat track which is not something there’s room for in the Roadster. Instead, I reversed that track and tied the linkage together using the extension on the adjustment arm.

I clamped the tracks to the table and spaced the front ends apart with a piece of scrap metal. This works beautifully and both sides lock and unlock together. I can’t use the included linkage (shown) since this puts the tracks too far apart, but I can easily use a piece of safety wire and fabricate a linkage of the exact right length.

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