Fabricated Temporary Fuel Hoses

In preparation for running the engine at the dyno shop, I fabricated a couple of hoses. I’m using Fragola stainless steel reinforced conductive PTFE hoses with a black nylon covering. For the dyno run, I just need a supply and return hose, so I cut the 20′ hose in half and installed straight fittings on each end.

Here’s where the supply and return lines attach to the back of the throttle body.

We also received our headers from GP Headers. These are ceramic-coated, stainless steel headers with double collectors so that the O2 sensor can be installed in the engine compartment.

These are really beautiful, especially compared with the ones from FFR. I installed the FiTech O2 sensor in the right side bung since the passenger side of the engine compartment is much less crowded.

The GP Headers have a much thicker flange (3/8″ vs 1/4″), so the 3/4″ bolts that came with the engine bolt kit aren’t long enough. There is only about 1/4″ of thread engagement in the block with these bolts, so I’m going to see if ARP will exchange these for 1″ bolts.

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