Drilled Passenger Foot Box

The aluminum sheet that is normally installed as the floor of the foot boxes fits flush with the bottom of the round tubing that frames the foot boxes. The steel panels that I welded in sit slightly higher than that. This was pushing up on the forward and inside panels of the passenger foot box. I decided to cut off the pre-formed flanges in these pieces so that they could drop down into position. Here, I’ve cut the flanges off the inside panel to the left, but haven’t yet cut the flange off the forward panel to the right. After cutting all of these off, the panels fit much better in the car. I’ll fabricate some mounting angles and rivet them to both the floor and walls.

With the panels fitting much better, I laid out a series of holes along all of the edges and drilled the panels and chassis. I want to drill all of the intersecting panels before drilling this to the floor.

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