Wrapped Up Engine Prep

I didn’t get any pictures, but I bolted the transmission mount to the transmission with a stack of washers and some 2.5″ x 7/16″-14, grade 8 bolts. I also picked up some 1″ diameter, 6061-T6 aluminum rod to use to make some spacers once I’m sure of the exact dimensions.

I then tightened the engine mount bolts so the engine is hopefully locked in its final position. I won’t really be able to know until the body goes on and I see where it places the side pipes.

Jenn came out and helped me install the left exhaust header. It’s much tighter with the foot box in place, but not too bad.

The header comes pretty close to the rubber on the input side of the electric power steering motor. I’ll probably fabricate a heat shield to reflect radiant heat away from the motor and the rubber piece.

I also cleaned up the old gasket and reinstalled the water neck and thermostat bypass hose.

Finally, I reinstalled the air cleaner and breather cap. Once I hook up the radiator, the engine is ready to run in the car.

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