Taillight Wiring and Clutch Pedal Clearance

I installed Weather Pack connectors on several of the tail lights. I ran out of three-conductor connectors though, so I couldn’t finish all of them.

I also installed the female connectors on the chassis on both sides. These are electrically identical and all lights have identical connectors. This is possible because the InfinityBox lets you use the same lights for brakes and turn signals. Although this is possible with a combination of relays in a traditional wiring harness, most builders don’t wire it this way. They end up using the dim filaments in all four tail lights for their parking lights, but the bright filaments in one pair of lights for the brakes and in the other pair of lights for the turn signals. In our car, all four bright filaments will be used for brakes and turn signals.

When I moved the pedal box up, it caused interference with the 3/4″ tubing that cuts through the middle part of the driver footbox. There must have been some stress in this tubing because the two pieces shifted out of alignment with each other when cut apart. I’ll weld in a new piece of 3/4″ tubing on the outside of this tubing. I’ll try and realign the pieces of tubing when welding.

It took a few extra trims on the forward end of the tubing to allow the pedal to go all the way to the front of the footbox, but I now have full clutch travel.

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