Removed Body and Aluminum Panels

Jenn and I pulled the body off the car. It’s a little bit of a pain with only two people, but manageable.

I built a really simple little body buck and put the body up on the lift. There’s plenty of room under and around the body to store most of the parts.

The rest of the parts are tucked up on our overhead storage racks.

After inventorying all of the aluminum panels and jotting the name on those that aren’t obvious, I pulled all of the panels off of the chassis.

I have quite a pile of aluminum that I need to find a place to store.

The chassis is really a beautiful piece of work. They even included little details like their logo laser cut into part of the chassis in a place that virtually no one will ever see.

The rest of the pictures are just a reference for us to refer back to when reassembling the chassis aluminum panels.

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