Rear Brake Line

After I boogered up the rear brake line last night, I decided to reroute it to simplify the necessary bends. When I first fabricated the rear brake line, I hadn’t installed the battery box, so I wanted to keep it tight to the other tubing. Now that I know where everything sits, I realized that it wasn’t necessary to have such a complex routing. The new routing has the brake line turn straight up from the fitting on the right side. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the line is completely behind the inner CV boot. Even at full compression travel, I don’t think the inner CV boot could ever flex as high as the brake line, but I wanted some lateral clearance as well.

I installed a couple of rivnuts on the angled square tubing to secure the brake tubing where it crosses the chassis.

The second brake line clamp is on the left diagonal square tubing.

I put the tee in the vertical leg on the left side. I haven’t figured out which direction I’m going to have the third leg go from here, but it won’t interfere with any part of the suspension or drivetrain regardless of the direction.

2 thoughts on “Rear Brake Line

  1. Andrew

    Great progress. Closeup images of the task-of-the-day are really informative.

    Please also include a wide-angle shot of the complete chassis every now and then, to provide a general view of your progress to date.

    Has Jennifer decided on a paint scheme/color yet?

  2. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll start adding wide-angle shots occasionally. We’re currently leaning toward a deep metallic purple with a silver ghost stripe.

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