Pedals and Strut Spacers

I finished adjusting the brake balance bar and adjusted the brake pedal to stop just before hitting the 3/4″ square tube at the top of the picture. Afterward, I adjusted the clutch pedal resting position to be aligned with the brake pedal. I ended up having to cut off about 1/4″ of the threaded shafts on all three master cylinders in order to position the pedals correctly.

After finishing the brake and clutch pedals, I installed the accelerator pedal to the bracket at the front of the foot box. I adjusted the brake and clutch pedal pads to get maximum width and roughly center the brake pedal.

Finally, I installed all of the spacers that I machined last night. Everything fit perfectly, but most of them were pretty tight. Once the spacers and chassis are powder coated, I’m not going to be able to get them in without trimming them a little bit, but that can wait until everything comes apart.

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