Parking Brake and Aluminum Panels

We’re relocating the parking brake to the top of the tunnel, so I wanted to assemble the mechanism so we could begin determining the best location. We can’t make a final determination until the transmission and seats are in place though.

Since we deleted the brakes from the kit order, we didn’t get the parking brake cables. Since we’re moving the parking brake anyway, the stock kit from FFR probably wouldn’t work without modification. Fortunately, Wilwood sells a universal kit (330-9371) that can be trimmed to exactly fit each application.

I fit and drilled the firewall to the chassis. I ran out of sheet metal screws and need to pick up some more.

I also drilled the foot box front panel to the chassis. I ended up laying out a couple of holes under the 3/4″ square tubing and needed to use a right angle drill to drill them.

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