Ordered Brakes, Clutch and Transmission

We’ve been wrestling with which brake package to order for quite awhile. We already deleted the Mustang brakes from the kit and had decided not to go with the Wilwood package that Factory Five offers. We narrowed down the options to the Wilwood Big Brake package that Levy Racing sells or a package from Baer. For a number of reasons, we decided to go with Levy Racing. We ordered 13″ brakes front and back with a 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers as well as a rear spot caliper parking brake. Although Jenn was seriously considering hot pink calipers, we ultimately decided on silver calipers with black lettering. This is a custom color so it will be a couple of weeks before it ships.

I also ordered the Tremec TKO600 transmission (TCET5008), RAM HDX clutch and hydraulic clutch kit from Forte’s Parts Connection. I had been considering a hydraulic throwout bearing along with Factory Five’s hydraulic clutch kit, but after talking with Mike Forte, I decided to use his kit with an external slave cylinder. If the cylinder ever needs replacing, it won’t require pulling the transmission to get to the hydraulic throwout bearing.

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