Measured for Pushrods

One of the goals for today was to measure for the pushrods so we have time to order them before assembling the engine in early July. After thoroughly cleaning the cam, we covered it with assembly lube and very gently slid it into the block. You can see the long bolt (wrapped in electrical tape) that we used to manipulate the cam.

After installing the cam thrust plate, we installed the timing set straight up. The cam has 5ยบ of advance already ground into it, so we don’t need any further advance in the valve train. I didn’t get any pictures of the rest of the process, but we swapped a pair of valve springs for low-tension checking springs and used a Comp Cams length checker to determine the length. We determined that we need a 7.800″ pushrod and that results in a centered pattern on the valve stem tip that is about 0.050″ wide.

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