Installed Radiator

I’m using the Breeze Automotive upper and lower radiator mounts which reduce the stress on the radiator flanges which apparently are prone to cracking with the factory mounting method. The factory had you bolt the upper flanges to these welded on pieces of square steel tubing, but they’re not necessary with the Breeze kit. I cut these off and then ground the upper tubing back to the right shape.

The hinge that is riveted to the upper radiator flange is then bolted to the cross bar. Then instructions have you drill and tap the square tubing, but that is pretty thin wall tubing, so I will probably just drill out these holes and use longer bolts with lock nuts.

The lower part of the radiator is supported with a smaller piece of square steel tubing that I’ve just loosely clamped on for now. The instructions specify this should be mounted at 51ยบ, but I want to test fit the side aluminum before locking in the final position of this.

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