Installed Bottom Angles on Passenger Footbox Walls

I’ve been sick on and off the past couple of weeks and work has been keeping me rather busy, so I haven’t had much time to work on the car recently. I really wanted to wrap up the passenger footbox though since I can’t reinstall the fuel lines until that’s done.

Since I had to cut the flanges off of the bottom of the inside and front walls of the passenger footbox when I installed the steel floor pans, I needed to fabricate new flanges. I could have bent some 0.040″ aluminum sheet, but I had some 0.063″ aluminum angle laying around, so I decided to use that. I countersunk and flush-riveted the angles to the skins and installed nutplates to the lower flanges. This use the same 8-32 torx-drive, button-head screws we’re using everywhere else for the aluminum panel attachment.

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