Fit Fuel Injection System

Our FiTech Fuel Injection system showed up today. We had been planning on installing FiTech’s Go EFI 4 – 600 HP unit which should handle more horsepower than our engine should make. The next unit up is the Go EFI 4 – 600 HP – Power Adder which supports nitrous and superchargers. Even though we’re never planning on adding either of those, there are a couple of features of the PA unit which are appealing. First, the PA unit has an advanced mode on the handheld controller and can additionally be tuned with a laptop. This should give us a lot more flexibility to tune the engine for optimum performance. Second, the PA unit can control two separate radiator fans with different activation temperatures. With the amount of heat this engine will generate, I think this might be valuable.

There are two ports at the front of the intake manifold that can hold the temperature sensor. This one only samples the coolant temperature of the coolant returning from the left bank of cylinders; the other samples both banks. I think I’ll end up with two sensors; one connected to the FiTech unit and the other connected to the dash gauge. I don’t know how much it matters which goes where, but I’m going to start with this configuration.

Since we have an air-gap intake manifold, I ran the wires under the intake runners and coolant passage. I also zip-tied the wire to the side of the sensor to eliminate strain where the wires enter the connector.

The wire comes out on the side between the runners for cylinders 3 and 4. All of the wire harnesses here will be secured with adel clamps once I have all of the wire routing figured out.

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  1. That’s the plan. I’ve chatted with one dyno shop already and should get the contact info for another tomorrow. I probably won’t have everything ready to run on the dyno for at least a month, but I will absolutely post a writeup including video.

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