Finished Driver Side Floor Pan and Radiator Plumbing

I cut a couple of 2.5″ pieces of 1/2″ steel tubing. I’m going to weld them in a little proud of the upper and lower surfaces and then grind them flat.

I used a couple of welding magnets to hold the tubes in position.

After an ugly weld job, I ground the tubes flat and cleaned up the hole. I also did the same thing on the underside of the floor.

I reinstalled the seat pan and drilled the left side to the transmission tunnel.

I picked up some silicone couplers from HPS Performance Silicone Hoses. I removed the upper radiator tube and swapped in the silicone couplers.

These are much nicer than the cheap rubber hoses that came with the radiator tubes and shouldn’t suffer from cracking as they age like the rubber hoses.

The hose connection under the radiator cap on the water neck will connect to the hose fitting on the bottom of the coolant reservoir. I’m using the same silicone tubing that I used for the PCV valve and breather connections. I’m using one of the decorative ends which covers a standard hose clamp, but I had to trim part of it because of hose close the radiator comes to the hose fitting.

I need to route the hose along the top of the upper radiator tube and then down the x-frame and up to the reservoir. I haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to secure this yet.

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