Engine Stand Stabilizers and Air Cleaner

Harbor Freight carries three engine stands. The cheapest only has a single caster under the front leg, but I was really concerned about how easily it could tip over, especially since we live in earthquake country. Their top of the line engine stand has really wide legs and even folds up, but it turns out that the legs of the engine stand will interfere with the legs of the shop crane. This is the middle of the line engine stand. There won’t be any interference with the shop crane, but I was still a little concerned about how stable it would be in an earthquake.

To make it more stable, I fabricated some extensions for the front legs using some scrap steel tubing and plate. These can easily be unbolted when I need to use the shop crane to pull the engine off the stand.

I also picked up a ceiling mounted air filtration system and installed it in the center garage bay. This should help keep the dust down in the garage while working on the project and hopefully keep dust off the cars down the road when the project is done.

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