Overhead Storage Racks

I installed the first of three overhead storage racks along the back wall. This one is 2’x8′ since it has to clear the attic stairs, but the ones in the other two bays will be 3’x8′ to give us a little more storage room. The other two are still on their way, so I’ll have to get to those next week.

Received Summit Racing Order

We received a big Summit Racing order of engine parts over the weekend and finally had a chance to inventory it. We’re still waiting on the Ford Performance parts (short block assembly, heads, timing set and cover, etc.) which we ordered from another company, but we ordered everything else from Summit Racing. The big boxes are the intake manifold and oil pan. Smaller boxes include the rockers, oil pump, distributor, water pump and spark plug wires. There are a ton of small parts and tools in the bins.

We’re not planning to start the engine build until early July, but we’re trying to get everything on-hand before then so that we’re not waiting on parts during the build. We’re planning on doing a “virtual engine build” in early June to ensure we’re not missing any parts or tools.

Installed Garage Cabinets

My dad and his friend came over and helped me install the new garage cabinets. These are really well built and very solid, and will be a great addition to the garage.

I added a couple of long power strips to the wall above the work bench. I had to open these up and rewire them so that they’re connected together and the cord is super short. I also mounted one of the Craftsman C3 chargers on the wall to the far right.