Fit Air Cleaner

I test fit the air cleaner to make sure there weren’t any issues with it. This really dresses up the engine and the black and bare aluminum theme for the engine really looks sweet.

The air cleaner comes with a spacer that raises the base 1″. I assume it is optional, but the base hits the raised boss on the left side of the picture without it. Hopefully this doesn’t raise the air cleaner so high that it interferes with the body when installed in the car, but I can always cut it down a bit if necessary. This is a cheap piece of plastic, so I’ll probably upgrade to an aluminum one anyway.

I’m glad I did the test fit for another reason. I knew this air cleaner was held on by a center bolt that threads into the center of the throttle body and I assumed this was a standard size, but apparently that’s not true. The air cleaner came with a 1/4″-20 threaded rod that is 4″ long, but the FiTech unit is threaded for a 5/16″-18 rod. Summit Racing sells 1/4″-20 to 5/16″-18 adapters for $10-15, but you can buy an entire hold down kit that includes the adapter for $3…go figure.

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