Reverse Switch, Fuel Filler, Coolant System and Electrical System

The Tremec reverse light switch looks like it has threaded studs, but these are just ribbed and use some oddball connector.

I removed it and replaced it with a GM 14014559 switch which uses a standard Weatherpak connector.

I installed the fuel hose and fuel cap just to prevent fumes from escaping and keep debris out of the tank.

I also got some new 90º silicone hoses from HPS Silicone Hoses. The forward one is 1.5″ on both legs and the aft one has one 1.5″ leg and one 1.75″ leg (for the water pump). After tightening the hose clamps, I filled the coolant system with coolant and filled the reservoir about half-way.

Finally, I printed some heat shrink tubing labels and added them to all of the wires on the load cells. Here’s the front load cell. Since the load cell is on the right side of the vehicle, I positioned the labels to be readable from above on that side.

I installed the rear load cell wire labels upside down since these can only be accessed from below once the trunk floor is installed.

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