I am not your average woman and have always been passionate about racing and cars and ever since I was in my early 20’s I wanted to build a Shelby Cobra.  My husband always wanted a new garage so this is a win-win situation.  He gets the dream garage and I get to build my dream car.  My husband loves to do research and build things.  So he has enjoyed every minute of doing the research for the car parts, engine and all the components to help me get what I have always wanted in a car.

We will be building this together but I am hoping to make this a whole family affair and bring our 13 year old son and 8 year old daughter into the build as well.   My father in law has already been instrumental in helping my husband with the research and be a sounding board while making decisions.  I am so grateful for the both of them, especially because they both love to do all this research stuff and I don’t have the time.  I tell Jason what I want the car to sound like when I start it up and gun it, as well as how it makes me feel behind the wheel, and how I want it to handle on the road or track.

He has done an amazing job so far of doing research, allowing me to give my input and make final decisions.  He has been putting his blood sweat and tears into prepping the garage and I am so grateful to have a husband as supportive as him.