Swapping Rear Struts

I spoke with the engineer at QA1 about the fit in the back and we decided to swap the D4501 shocks for D4401 shocks. The D4401 is 1.5″ shorter and only has 3.875″ of travel (vs. 5.25″ on the D4501). To move the shock up to the upper mounting hole, we’re going to swap the upper eyelet for a 9036-196 which has an extra 1″ of length. Since the upper hole is exactly 1″ higher than the lower hole, this will end up leaving the upper spring seat exactly where it is in the picture below.

This will also mean that the ride height adjustment nut will be near the bottom of the adjustment range using the same spring. To correct this, we’re going to swap the 10HT250 (10″) spring for a 9HT250 (9″) spring. This should put the adjustment nut closer to the middle of the adjustment range at the recommended ride height.

I also measured for the spacers we’ll need on the front shocks. The eyelets are wider on the QA1 shocks than the Konis that come with the kit, so I’ll need to make custom length spacers to center the shocks in the mounting brackets.

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