Rear Brake Flex Lines

I installed the fittings in the rear brake calipers with some high-temp thread sealant and then spent some time determining where to mount the tab that holds the fitting the other end of the hose screws into. It needs to be in a location that won’t cause the hose to rub on anything as the wheel moves up and down and also provides a convenient location for the hard lines that connect to the other side of the fitting.

I ended up deciding to weld the tabs on the front side of the mount for the rear side of the upper control arm (the other side of the mount from where the remote reservoir is mounted).

Here’s a shot looking backward toward the front side of this mount. The tab is welded flush with the face you see here. The hard line will curve immediately upward from here (to miss the CV joint boot) and follow that angled tubing upward to a point where the hard line can cross to the other side of the car.

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