Ordered Switches

We ordered our switches tonight from Billet Automotive Buttons in Australia. Samples are shown below. They have four sizes of buttons (16mm, 19mm, 22mm, and 28mm) in both black and stainless and can be custom laser etched with any text or graphics you want. All of our switches will be 22mm, momentary stainless with logos on the button and no text around the edge. We ordered switches with the following logos:

  • Low-beam headlight with blue ring
  • High-beam headlight with blue ring
  • Parking lights with orange ring
  • Hazard lights with red ring
  • Fan with green ring
  • Interior lights with white ring
  • Stereo with green ring
  • One surprise button we’ll reveal later 🙂

We also ordered the following 14mm indicators:

  • High-beam indicator with blue light
  • Left and right turn signal arrows with green lights

I also ordered a single 16mm red light with the word “ALARM” laser etched around the edge.

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