Fuel Injection Wiring and Fuel Tank

I picked up some stainless steel cushion clamps and used a few to secure the FiTech throttle body wiring. There are three bundles of wires coming off the front of the unit (including the one that drops under the intake runners and connects to the coolant temperature sensor).

The remaining two, plus all of the wire bundles that come off the back of the unit are collected into one cushion clamp that is centered behind the throttle body. Fortunately, there are a couple of unused threaded bosses on the back of the throttle body that can be used to secure things. Once the air cleaner is installed, these should be nearly invisible.

Our Boyd Welding fuel tank showed up today. This is a beautiful piece of work and comes with an Aeromotive 340 Stealth fuel pump pre-installed.

The right side of the tank contains fittings for the fuel return and vent (the small fittings at the top) and the fuel level sender (the large fitting at the bottom). I’ll need to determine which fuel level sensor should be installed here since the one from FFR doesn’t look like it’s compatible.

The fuel pump is installed behind a custom machined mounting plate that has the fuel outlet fitting and electrical connections.

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