Fabricated Mounting Brackets For Strut Reservoir Brackets

The strut reservoir brackets that I fabricated a couple of weeks ago need to be bolted to the chassis. To allow this, I fabricated some steel mounting brackets that I’ll weld to the chassis. I started with some 1/8″ thick 1.5″x1.5″ steel angle and cut down both legs a bit and match drilled it to the reservoir brackets.

I then clamped the mounting brackets in an angle vise to bevel the ends to match the reservoir brackets.

I then flipped the brackets over to bevel the other end.

With a drill bit used to line up the holes, you can see how the mounting bracket matches the angle of the aluminum reservoir bracket.

After cleaning all of the burrs off with a scotchbrite¬†wheel, I used the media blaster to clean them up so that they’re ready to weld to the chassis.

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