Fit Transmission Mount

I jacked up the transmission and slipped the transmission support underneath and placed it on top of the aft chassis support. I loosely bolted the transmission mount to the top of the transmission support, roughly inline with the holes in the bottom of the transmission.

I then lifted the transmission up until it was aligned with the differential flange.

That creates a pretty big gap between the top of the transmission mount and the bottom of the transmission. I’ll need to fabricate some spacers that fit here.

Before measuring for the spacers, I wanted to make sure that the engine is level in the chassis. I measured the angle of the chassis and then adjusted the engine until it matched. I then measured for the transmission spacers. For some reason, even though the engine is level, the spacers are about 0.200″ different in height. I may just use some washers for now until we get closer to the end of the build and know the engine doesn’t have to be adjusted further.

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