Finished Passenger Seat and Electrical System Components

I wrapped up the passenger seat by trimming the bolts and installing the wire that connects the mechanisms on the two tracks.

I then cut some pieces of 1/2″ steel tubing and welded them into the chassis then ground them flat.

I finally determined the location for the master cell (left) and front load cell (right). The load cell will actually install on the other side of the firewall, but I’m drilling it on this side because I don’t have drill access on the other side.

After deburring the holes, I temporarily bolted the mastercell to the aft side of the firewall.

The front load cell is mounted on the right side of the firewall. This should keep it clear of the throttle mechanism on the left side and allow easy access if I ever need to access it.

I’ve been playing with the location of the heater assembly. This is quite a bit bigger than the one Factory Five sells, so it can’t install on the firewall. I think I’m going to end up installing it at an angle as shown and then run a pair of 3″ diameter pieces of ducting from the heater to the firewall. A plenum on the other side will distribute the air to the foot boxes and defroster vents.

The ducting will connect to the plenum through this pair of 3″ diameter holes. There will be flanges installed to the firewall here.

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