Turned Spacers for Struts and Alternator

I needed to make custom length spacers for the struts and alternator mount, so I stopped by the TechShop after dinner to turn them on the lathe. I ordered a 2″ spacer from March Performance that is already powdercoated, so I wrapped it with some tape to protect the finish. I turned this down to 1.745″

I need spacers of a bunch of different lengths for the struts. I picked up some 0.509″ ID tubing with 0.058″ wall thickness from McMaster Carr and rough cut them on the chop saw about 0.100″ long. I then turned down each end to make them perfectly square and the right length.

Trimming the spacers leaves a burr on the inner edge, so I repositioned the cutter and trimmed it off of each end of all of the spacers.

Here are the finished spacers. I’ll powdercoat these when the car comes completely apart for chassis finishing, but for now I’m going to install these bare.

Afer I got home, I installed the alternator spacer.

I installed it along with the oil dipstick tube. The bottom of the tube is installed with a little bit of black RTV to prevent oil leaks.

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