Steering and Fuel Tank

I started installing the steering system by installing the bearing block in the firewall and slipping the steering shaft up through it.

I then installed the steering rack into the front of the chassis. The brackets needed some bending to allow the mounting lugs to fit and the elongated hole on the left side (right in this picture) needed to be elongated further on the front bracket to allow the rack to slide far enough to the left to get the right bolt installed.

I installed the upper pillow block and slipped the upper steering shaft through and into the lower shaft to lock in the final position.

I ordered an electric power steering system from Erik Hansen on the FFR forum. After grinding and filing the bracket on the left to fit over the 3/4″ tube, I test fit it along with the bracket on the right until it’s roughly centered around the shaft. The instructions specify how far down the steering shaft it should be installed, but that puts the bracket quite a bit farther forward than this. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be a problem, but the fat tire F panel will interfere with the bracket as well as the motor if I move it farther forward (I might even need to move it farther back from here)

Here’s the motor that will be installed inline with the steering shaft. I need to confirm that moving it back this much won’t cause any interference with the engine, but I think it will be fine.

I’ve been looking for a spot to mount the remote reservoirs for our quad-adjustable shocks, but I was concerned that the fuel tank will limit accessibility. I figured the easiest way to make sure was to just install the tank. Before doing so, I installed the fuel level sender in the center of the tank.

I also installed the vent at the highest point in the tank.

Finally, I installed the tank in the car.

Getting the tank up high enough to start the bolts required bending the flanges down where the tank sits against the bottom of the square tubing. Finally, I zip tied the vent tubing to the 3/4″ tubing, running it up and over to the left side of the car (though I’m not sure if this will be the final routing).

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