Sealed Garage Doors and Organized Garage

With three single garage doors and two side doors, none of which sealed very well, our garage has always been pretty drafty. I pulled the old bottom seals several weeks ago when we had our floors done since they were pretty dry rotted. I installed new rubber bottom seals and flexible vinyl side and top seals.

Wth the doors shut, the doors are pretty well sealed now. Hopefully the garage temperature will not swing up and down quite as much as it has in the past.

I added some Segway parking along the side of the garage by the lift. It’s also a convenient place to store some shop tools.

I also hung up some garage decor. I found a nice vintage 427 Cobra sign and ordered a 15″ steel Factory Five logo which I painted flat black.

Jenn also wanted a Rosie the Riveter poster, so we hung that up on the opposite end of the garage.

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