Received Wilwood Brakes

I received my Big Brake Kit from Levy Racing today. This is a custom color combination, so it took several weeks to get here, but we really like the look of the silver calipers with black lettering. These are larger than the Wilwood brakes that Factory Five sells by a fair amount. The rotors are 1.1″ thick which is 10% thicker, but more than 10% more massive. The mass of the rotor determines the thermal capacity and hence the amount of braking you can do before you start to get brake fade. These should be much better on the track than the set that Factory Five sells. These also use pads that are 40% larger than the factory upgrade, so we should see much better braking performance as well.

Unfortunately, one of the rear calipers was gouged (presumably during shipping).

We also received slotted rotors even though we ordered drilled and slotted rotors. I sent an email to Gordon Levy and he was quite apologetic and immediately set about making it right. Things like this happen, but I’m always happy to work with great vendors who make sure their customers are taken care of.

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