Primary Power Wires

I cleaned off a section of the chassis and ground off the plating from a 5/16″ bolt and clamped it in place.

I welded around the bolt head to create a grounding stud for the battery.

I’m using 2/0 welding cable for the starter and ground cables. I crimped a connector on the end and temporarily routed it to make sure it won’t hit anything. I’ll add some heavy duty heat-shrink tubing over the joint when it arrives.

I temporarily routed the battery positive cable from the right side of the battery box down to the lower right side of the tunnel.

It snakes over the 4″ round cross tube…

…and up the diagonal on the right side of the transmission.

It then drops down the diagonal to the right of the bellhousing and will loop back to the starter. I’m not 100% sure I like this routing. The other option is near the top of the transmission tunnel, but I want to stay away from the parking brake cables and I’d like to keep it separate from the other electrical wires.

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