Poured Final Slab and Stairs

I had the concrete company come back out this morning and pour a new slab that sits flush with our garage floor and surrounds the lift’s baseplate. This slab has rebar ties to the rest of the garage floor slab so it should remain flush with it even if there is some movement.

They built a form around the base that I still need to remove. I’ll add a steel plate over the lift base that will sit flush with the floor to make it easy to move around on creepers and stools. The removable plate will also make it easy to remove the lift if we ever move or decide we don’t want it. I’ll have the floor and steel plate covered in epoxy once the concrete cures in 28 days. It should be mostly invisible once done.

While they were out, I had them pour new steps to the door into the house. There was a single, slightly rickety wooden step here before which meant that you had to step over the door threshold and immediately down one step when coming out into the garage. I had them pour the new step flush with the door threshold to avoid this. The steps come out 24″ which will exactly match our new cabinets that will be installed along this wall.

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