Installed Water Neck

The water neck that I ordered from TD Motion over 2 months ago finally arrived. They took quite a bit longer than expected due to manufacturing and shipping delays, but this was worth waiting for. This thing is beautifully machined and eliminates the ugly inline filler port.

I also installed the short thermostat bypass hose you see below the water neck. When I plumb in the heater core, I may see about using hose with AN fittings for all of the coolant hoses, but I need this installed before the dyno run.

You can also see a couple of lifting straps I bolted to the front of the cylinder heads. There are two more on the back of the engine.

About the only thing I dislike about this is that all three parts (lower, middle, and upper) had different finishes. The lower part had a satin, bare aluminum finish. The center part was clear powder coated and the upper part was shiny. I sanded off the clear powder coat (except for a bit that will be hidden under the coolant hose on the far left) and polished all the pieces to match.

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