Horn and Taillight Wiring

I cut back the sleeving on the wiring harness to the front right of the car and put a terminating piece of heat shrink on it to keep it from unraveling. I then cut the horn wire and created a jumper between the horns.

I also installed a grounding point on the forward 3/4″ tubing and grounded the horn there. The lights and fan will also ground here.

The ground wire also jumpers between the two horns.

I also added a grounding point on the left side diagonal chassis member to ground the rear load cell.

I figured out which wires will be routed to the rear lights and put some expandable sleeving over them. I’m routing them over the top of the fuel tank.

I used a solder sleeve to tee the parking light wire and then dropped the wires down behind the tank near the center.

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