Finished up Distributor Wiring and Fuel Pump Installation

I received a new order from Summit Racing with some additional wire separators.

I used one on each side to keep the wires organized as they make their way up to the distributor. After installing the wire separators, I slid the heat-shrink wire labels in place and shrunk them down.

Here’s the other side.

I used a two-conductor wire separator behind the distributor to tie the #4 and #7 wires together. For some reason, they didn’t stock polished, two-conductor separators on Summit, so I ordered black anodized ones. This will largely be hidden under the air cleaner though, so I think black will be just fine. I can always sand off the anodizing and polish it if it’s too visible.

Here’s a shot of the whole engine with the distributor wiring all wrapped up. Only a few remaining details to wrap up before I can get the engine to the dyno shop.

I also received and installed the Classic Instruments tube type fuel level sender. This is a 0-90Ω sender that is compatible with the gauges from FFR. The tank is 10.75″ deep here, but this sender is only 10″ long below the flange. That leaves 3/4″ of unmeasurable fuel below the sender; given the taper of the bottom of the tank, that’s probably only 1-2 gallons of fuel. I’m fine  with a 1-2 gallon fuel reserve below the empty reading on the fuel gauge.

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