Finished Front Brakes

I need to transition from the brake master cylinders to the 3/16″ stainless tubing that routes to the front and back of the car. I could have routed the stainless tubing all the way to master cylinders (and that was my original plan), but I decided to keep all flex hose inside the driver’s foot box and transition to the rigid tubing at the front of the foot box. I got started by drilling a couple of 9/16″ holes.

I installed a couple of bulkhead fittings. These have an inverted flare fitting on the forward side…

…and a -03AN fitting on the back side.

I then connected a couple of -3 hoses from the master cylinders to the bulkhead fittings.

I only needed one more line to finish up the front brakes, so I measured and made the first couple of bends to tuck the line behind this bracket and up against the bottom of the square tubing at the top of the picture.

That upper square tubing has a gentle curve to it, so I bent the line to follow it. I’ll ultimately add a clamp of some sort along here to secure this.

Behind the brake/clutch reservoirs, the line bends to line up with the bulkhead fitting.

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