Engine/Drivetrain/Suspension Components

We received the bulk of our order from Don Wood Ford. We’re still waiting on the block which is being shipped directly from Ford Performance.

We’re running a 3.55 gear ratio, 8.8” Ford rear end with a standard differential. You can purchase this with either an aluminum or a cast iron housing, but the aluminum has been known to crack with high horsepower, so we went with the cast iron.

Since we’re going with an independent rear suspension, we ordered the knuckle and hub assemblies that mate with it.

We also picked up a cast iron timing set, polished stainless damper and timing cover.

Since we’re building a 427, we purchased valve covers to match…

…as well as a matching air cleaner.

We bought a 157 tooth, zero imbalance flywheel as well.

Finally, we bought Ford Racing’s brand new Z2 cylinder heads. These use entirely stock geometry, so we don’t have to mess around with custom exhaust headers or having to port the intake manifold to match the heads.

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