Coolant Reservoir Plumbing and Began Electrical System

I routed the silicone tubing from the water neck to the bottom of the coolant reservoir. I used some zip ties and plastic tubing to secure it to the upper radiator tubing. I’m not sure I like this method of securing the tubing, but it will do for now.

After a two month wait, we finally got our electrical system from InfinityBox. We ordered the two-cell system which includes a master cell under the dash and two load cells, one for the front of the car and one for the rear. There’s plenty of room under the hood for the front cell, but there’s really very little room in the rear of the car. The trunk has two levels: Under the rear (lower) level resides the fuel tank. Under the forward (upper) level resides the differential, driveshafts, suspension (including remote reservoirs), parking brake cables, rigid brake lines, battery, inReserve system, rear load cell and mega fuses. The other consideration is that all of this needs to maintained from below once the car is assembled.  Although there is plenty of volume above the differential, it’s virtually impossible to reach from below. All of the electrical components really need to be installed between the differential and the fuel tank. The battery takes up the bulk of that space, the but the side of the battery box is a pretty convenient spot to mount components.

The right side of the battery box has the inReserve system and primary mega-fuse, but the left side of the box is a perfect place for the rear load cell. This keeps it well protected, but easy to access from below. This is currently attached with bolts and nuts, but I’ll replace the nuts with nutplates to make this easy to remove from below in case I ever have to do so.

The InfinityBox instructions recommend that the primary power wire from the battery to the mega fuses be as short as possible. That means that these need to be installed in the rear of the car as well. I spent some time playing with various mounting locations and settled on installing them high on the left side of the car. I fabricated a small steel plate and welded it to the chassis and installed 8 riv-nuts.

The mega fuses install from below so that they can be accessed in the future if necessary. This will hang over the top of the fuel tank slightly, but there should be plenty of vertical clearance to access these with the tank in place.

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