Cobra Experience Museum

I took Jenn and the kids to the Cobra Experience museum in Martinez, CA this morning. They had a “Cars & Coffee” event in the morning with a bunch of custom cars including 4-5 Cobras. We’re considering something similar to this for our dash, so I grabbed a picture.

All of the cars in the Cobra Experience museum are genuine Shelby Cobras. This is an early 289 slab side Cobra; Jenn really likes the grill on this car.

Another 289 I believe.

These are both 427 Cobras.

Virtually every kit Cobra I’ve seen has polished side grills, but every single Shelby Cobra in the museum had painted grills. Jenn likes the looks of these better, so we’re going to paint ours.

I thought this was amusing. 🙂

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