Assembled Car Lift

My dad stopped by this morning and helped me assemble the car lift. The base was already sitting in the hole, but we needed to stand the 750lb column up and attach it to the base. The instruction manual says you can do this with a shop crane, but I can’t see how that’s possible. We ended up cutting a couple of holes in the ceiling drywall and wrapping four wraps of 400lb rope around one of the ceiling rafters so that we could attach a chain hoist. With eight total strands, the ropes should have over four times the load carrying capacity of the column.

Other than knocking a good sized hole in the wall that will need to be repaired, we managed to stand the column up far enough to get the base bolted on and then stood the column upright without too much difficulty.

Once the column was upright, we bolted on the carriage, lifting arms and runways relatively quickly. I hooked up the hydraulics and ran the lift up and down a few times. The lift isn’t in the final position, but I’ll move it over after the drywall is repaired and the walls are painted. It weighs 2,400lbs, so it will be a bit of a pain to move.

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